Monday, April 18, 2011

Alan Theobald has joined the AADI Defence team

Dr Alan Theobald has joined the AADI Defence Team as an Associate.

Dr Theobald was born in England and holds a Ph.D in Atmospheric Physics from Southampton University. Starting his Defence career at the Admiralty Underwater Weapons Establishment in the UK, he worked on magnetic and electric signature analysis and modelling and degaussing algorithms. This work led to the current generation of significantly simpler magnetic ranges compared to what were available hitherto.

In 1990 he emigrated to Australia, where he became the laboratory manager for DSTO in Sydney, with research management responsibility covering all of DSTO’s program in Shallow Water, or Littoral, operations. These topics included mine threat assessment, underwater ranges, mine hunting sonar, operational modelling and concepts, mine sweeping technology, underwater environmental characterization, non-acoustic sensor systems and maritime security.

He was the Chair of the The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP) Mine Warfare Panel for eight years and represented Australia at NATO on this subject. He was also the Science and Technology Adviser for SEA 1180, the Offshore Combatant Vessel project.

Dr Theobald has numerous contacts within Australia and overseas in the broad area of research into maritime, especially littoral, operations and is internationally acknowledged as an expert on maritime electromagnetics. He has published more than 40 technical reports on the subject of his research, has three international patents related to magnetic signature work and has presented at numerous conferences and training fora.  

Career History

-  Chair of the TTCP Mine Warfare Panel
-  Laboratory manager for DSTO in Sydney
-  Research Leader for Shallow Water, or Littoral operations
-  Science and Technology Adviser for SEA 1180, Aust DoD

Awards and Qualifications

-  Ph.D in Atmospheric Physics, Southampton University
-  Holds 3 international patents related to magnetic signature work

Chris Barrie joins AADI Defence team

Admiral (Retd.) Chris Barrie, AC has joined the AADI Defence team as an Associate.

Chris Barrie retired from over 41 years of active service in the RAN, and as the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF), in July 2002. Since then Chris has concentrated his work on strategic leadership issues with involvement each year in Oxford University’s Strategic Leadership and Stimulus Forum Programs, The Australian Davos Connection’s Future Summit Program, the Young Strategic Leaders Forum in Australia, and teaching an elective on Strategic Leadership to senior U.S. military officers at the National Defense University in Washington DC. This work is intended to assist the next generation of leaders of complex and diverse organisations to be successful. 

In addition he has been working to promote the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Leaders Circle, and institution building throughout the region through the Australian Crime Prevention Council. He is also very interested in the quality of leadership and decision making by people who work in complex risk environments as Patron of the Australian Risk policy Institute and through Critical Decisions Pty Ltd. 

As CDF, he directed and commanded the operation to secure East Timor in 1999-2000, and the provision of specialised defence security support for the Sydney Olympic Games (2000) and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting at Coolum (2002). He also advised the Government about specific roles for Australia’s armed forces in support of coalition forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere after the 9/11 tragedy and the invocation of assistance to the U.S. Government offered by the Australian Government under the ANZUS Treaty.

Career History

-  Chief of Defence Force (CDF)
-  Vice Chief of Defence Force (VCDF)
-  Distinguished Visiting Professor, National Defense University, Washington DC
-  Visiting Fellow, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University, Canberra
-  Moderator, Oxford Strategic Leadership Program Stimulus Forum, University of Oxford
-  Patron, Australian Risk Policy Institute
-  President, Australian Crime Prevention Council
-  Chairman, Global Sports Science Ltd
-  Principal, Critical Decisions Pty Ltd

Awards and Qualifications

-  Companion of the Order of Australia (AC)
-  Australian Active Service Medal
-  General Service Medal
-  Vietnam Medal
-  Australian Service Medal
-  Centenary Medal (Australia)
-  Defence Force Service Medal with Federation Star
-  National Medal
-  Australian Defence Medal
-  Vietnam Campaign Medal (Republic of Vietnam)